At Reyach’s coffee training, we keep things simple.
Happy Learning @Reyach Coffee Roastery
Our team of passionate coffee experts at Reyach are dedicated to perfecting every aspect of the coffee business. From bean selection and roasting to coffee blend customization, coffee bean supply to café consultancy service, and training, we are involved in every step of the coffee chain. Our goal is to share our knowledge and passion of coffee with others and help them bring their coffee dreams to life.
AST Carence

AST Carence Ng

As I roast each coffee bean, I am reminded of the beauty and complexity of life. It is a continuous journey of growth, just like the art of coffee roasting.

Over 17 Years of Coffee Roasting Expertise

  • With more than 17 years of hands-on experience in the art of coffee roasting
  • Roasted a diverse selection of over 100 different coffee varieties
  • Specialized in roasting Gesha variety beans and Ninety Plus coffee
  • Proudly supplying coffee beans to over 50 cafes and companies

Training Accomplishments

  • Successfully trained over 150 individuals in the nuances of coffee
  • Actively involved as an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Roasting Course Trainer at YMCA
  • Contributed as the Stage Manager for the Hong Kong Specialty Coffee Association (HKSCA)
    • Hong Kong Brewer Cup (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
    • Hong Kong Barista Championship (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
    • Hong Kong Latte Art Championship (2023)
    • Hong Kong Cup Tasters Championship 2023-2024 (Roaster Sponsor)

Café Consultancy

  • 10-year of experience in café consultancy service and assisted individuals with no cafe experience or coffee knowledge to start up a successful cafe from scratch

AST Tanny

AST Tanny Ng

We believe the enjoyment and fun of tasting coffee should extend beyond the cup. Imagine to bring this feeling into our classes, creating an immersive experience that deepens your coffee knowledge while igniting your passion for the art of brewing.

Happy Learning

Learning should be fun, right? That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Happy Learning’ concept. It makes understanding coffee a breeze and adds a dash of excitement to every class.

Training Accomplishments

I’ve personally trained around 1,000 awesome people in small groups and friendly classes. They’re not just learners; they’re passionate about coffee.
  • 170+ are now fantastic baristas, serving up great coffee
  • 30+ are passing on the knowledge as trainers
  • 20+ fulfilled their dream of owning a café
  • 10+ are judging coffee competitions
  • Many others are scattered throughout the coffee world, doing cool stuffs

Community Vibes

Beyond the numbers, it’s about building a community of coffee lovers. We understand that everyone joins our coffee classes with different reasons and aspirations. We welcome individuals who are passionate about coffee, whether they want to enhance their coffee knowledge for interest, excel as professionals or embark on their café ownership journey.

Join us, where learning is fun, and the taste of great coffee is something we celebrate together.

SCA Skills Diploma
SCA Café DiplomaSCA Roastery Diploma
SCA Sustainable Coffee DiplomaSCA Coffee Trade Diploma

Coffee Skills Program
Introduction to CoffeeBrewingBarista Skills
Green CoffeeRoastingSensory Skills

Coffee Sustainability Program
Coffee Sustainability
Coffee Technicians Program
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Our regular classes are conducted in Cantonese.
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