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Looking for Private Coffee Branding?

Reyach offers freshly roasted premium coffee – both specialty blends and single origins to meet your business needs. We can bring you the best possible coffee program to support your business through Contract Roasting Service and/or Subcontracting Roasting Service with or without Private Label.
We can work together with you to create a blend of coffee that is tailored for your business. We offer a wide variety of quality green beans, professional roasting and cupping for our customers under the operation of our own facility. Once we identify the coffee blend, you can expect it to be delivered to your destination(s) according to your scheduled shipments.
Reyach’s facility is operated under a proper Food Factory License issued by the Hong Kong Government. We aim to ensure all of our food processing procedures strictly comply with the statutory requirements by the government as we place the safety and quality of our coffee first.
Let Reyach be responsible for the quality, flavour and any special requirements of coffee you serve in your business, as we know you have other more important tasks to fulfill in your operation.
Please contact us to fix an appointment.