We are just like you. We love coffee.
Our coffee journey started off with drinking office instant coffee and commercial French press coffee. But across the years, cafe hopping changed our views. We were able to observe end to end procedures, ranging from farming, barista efforts, all the way to the art of roasting. Through the course of finding a balanced flavour of various coffees, we realised freshness is the key to a good cup of coffee. We have since found the precise aroma, taste, richness and character in our daily coffee simply because we choose the FRESHEST coffee beans.
After over 20 years as coffee lovers, we decided to roast our first batch of coffee using a simple roasting machine. Throughout the years, we went through repeated trials and errors, research, analyses and professional training to establish as who we are today.
Now we are Authorised Trainer of SCA ( Specialty Coffee Association ) and we roast using Giesen roasters with a food factory license in Hong Kong. We aim to achieve the best roast profiles that highlight flavours uniquely attributed to specific beans.
Reyach loves to share our know-how and experiences not only through our products, but also the joy of savouring a perfect cup of coffee. You are always welcomed to approach us to share our passion for coffee.