El Salvador – Finca Kilimanjaro (Ethiopia 48hr Underwater Fermentation)

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Origin: El Salvador
Region: Finca Kilimanjaro, Santa Ana
Altitude: 1,750m
Process: Ethiopia – 48 hour Underwater Fermentation
Roasting Level: Light-Medium roast
(If you prefer other roasting level, simply drop us a note when checkout.)
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Peach, Cane

ETHIOPIA – 48 hour underwater fermentation, washing every 12 hours…which means we add a little bit of fresh water, take a little out and turn with a wooden paddle, wash the parchment then it goes back to fermentation tank to soak in fresh water for 24 hours and then placed on drying beds.

100% Arabica Coffee
Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee in Hong Kong