Indonesia – Sumatra Kerinci Gunung Tujuh (Anaerobic Natural)

from: HK$ 158

Origin: Indonesia
Region: Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci, Sumatra
Cooperation: Koerintji Barokah Bersama
Varieties: Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang
Altitude: 1,400m – 1,600m
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Roasting Level: Medium roast
(If you prefer other roasting level, simply drop us a note when checkout.)
Tasting Notes: Complex tropical fruits, Raisin, Pineapple, Plum

Very fragrant coffee! The fragrance has strong fruit scents of tropical flowers. Excellent choice for people who like fruity coffee. Can’t wait for another cup.

100% Arabica Coffee
Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee in Hong Kong

Beans: Single valve zip bag.
Drip-bag: Sealed and preserved using Nitrogen.