Ninety Plus® 90+ Lotus N2 荷花 (日曬) – 瑰夏 (藝妓)

HK$ 298

產地: 90+ 瑰夏莊園
產區: 巴拿馬莊園
生長海拔: 1,400米 – 1,800米
處理方式: 日曬
烘焙度: 中淺烘焙 (如需特定烘焙度,請下單時備注)
風味: 蜜瓜、奇異果、無花果、蜂蜜、熱帶水果、層次豐富

歷史: Our Lotus Taste Profile emulates the remarkable Lotus flower, an aquatic perennial that sometimes will be mistaken as a water lily. NP Gesha can let the dried cherry tasted like 「washed」. The Lotus flower is able to adjust the temperature of its blossoms to match the range tolerated by humans and other warm-blooded animals. Lotus shatters established expectations of the basic gesha profile and emulates the experience of a perfumed Ethiopian coffee. Influenced by the song 「Lotus Flower」 from Radiohead, it speaks of transcendence, self-effacement and the magic of losing yourself in music and senses.
100% 阿拉比卡咖啡
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咖啡豆: 單向排氣閥夾鏈袋。
手沖包/濾掛包: 密封充氮保鮮處理。

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