Ninety Plus® 90+ Hachira N2 哈奇拉 (日晒)

HK$ 228

产地: 90+ 埃塞俄比亚
产区: 阿奇拉
生长海拔: 1,750米 – 2,000米
处理方式: 日晒
烘焙度: 中浅烘焙 (如需特定烘焙度,请下单时备注)
风味: 果汁感、黑莓、太妃糖、罗勒、香草、花香

历史: Inspired by the Ninety Plus selections developed with S.A. Bagersh from 2006-2008, Hachira coffees are juicy and floral, commonly with concentrated elderberry to blackberry fruit, and sometimes with basil-like herbal notes. An ongoing improvement of infrastructure has allowed this season’s clarity to shine while adding a new vanilla component.
100% 阿拉比卡咖啡
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咖啡豆: 单向排气阀夹链袋。
手冲包/滤挂包: 密封充氮保鲜处理。

200克500克10 x 滤挂咖啡 (12克)